South Sudan Conflict: Satellite Phones Connect Refugees, as Rape and other Atrocities Persist


By Che Ambe

Since April 2015, 110 satellite phone call services have been provided to South Sudanese displaced in the protection of Civilian (POC) site in Wan (Western Bahr el Ghazal) according to the UNHCR’s latest update of the situation in the country. The satellite calls enable internally displaced people (IDP) to talk to relatives across the conflict’s frontier, and to trace family members thought to have been killed by the close to two-year  conflict. With UNHCR personnel coordinating at both ends, each family is allocated 10 minutes, with additional minutes for traditional leaders and women’s representatives to talk on humanitarian needs. According to the latest update on the conflict published by the UNHCR (May 29, 2014), close to 2.4 million people are in need of assistance, displaced in camps within and without the country. The situation in the past week the report says has drastically deteriorated due to an increase in…

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