British S. Cameroon Genocide: French-Speaking Governor Welcomes Anglophone PM with Public Executions

Sone Peter

It used to be customary in the Northern Zone of British Southern Cameroon to welcome an august guest with gun salvos, but since President Biya of French Cameroun officially declared war on the people of the territory of British Cameroon, in December 2017, this cherished aspect of their culture has been buried. However, on 9 May, 2019, a salvo of a different type was witnessed. While the visiting Prime Minister Mr. Dion Ngute was cushioned by security guards at the prestigious Ayaba Hotel in Downtown Bamenda, the sanguinary French Cameroun-appointed Governor of the region Mr. Lele Afrique was ready with a more than usual welcome to the region.

A kilometer away from the governor’s residence in Bamendakwe, (about 2 km from the PM’s hotel) it was pandemonium and despondency. “We heard the men speaking in French while torturing them, and later we heard the shots”. A Bewildered villager narrates in the video. “They were tortured, you can see on their bodies” Another melancholic voice interjected. “We are still to identify them, they must have been picked up from another village and executed, as I heard the shots” Another sobbing onlooker corroborates the perplexed voices.


The location of their execution is equally symbolic as one mourner could be heard saying. “Yes it is at Chantal Biya”. Yes, French Cameroun’s glamorous first lady has a white elephant foundation where the two human lambs were slaughtered. The executions at Chantal Biya is yet another sign that any British Southern Cameroonian who opposes the Biya “royal family” is good for elimination for their perpetual reign.

Beneath the sad choruses and the eucalyptus trees, typical of the Bamendakwe ecosystem lie two more innocent victims of Biya’s genocide on the minority English-speaking people of British Cameroon. Their swollen bodies confirm the  serious physical abuse. Gunshots wounds could be spotted on their bodies as well.

The public executions just a few kilometers away from the Prime Minister’s suit was another message to the entire British Cameroonian population irrespective of status, that they are still dogs and thus sub-humans.The Prime Minister although  from the British Cameroon, is constitutionally irrelevant or ceremonial in the French oversea territory of Cameroun. This puts him no where in the line of succession in a country where the people of his region are in an existential war sparked by marginalization.


The conflict it should be recalled began as a peaceful demonstration in November 2016, but degenerated into a civil war, following brutal crackdown by the government of Paul Biya, who has been in power for 37 years. English-speaking authorities have put the numbers so far killed at more than 12000. The governor of the northern zone alone has enabled the killing of more than 6500 innocent civilians (See images here). Close to 250 villages have also been destroyed by the French-speaking Cameroun armies, which today are called “occupying forces or Hutu militias” by the population of the English-speaking regions. Also, there are more than 450,000 internally displaced people (Click here), and more than 50,000 refugees in Nigeria. The solution according to people of the region remains a referendum (Click here) like BREXIT or SCOTXIT, for the people of this once autonomous region to decide whether they want to stay with French-Cameroun or return to their self-governing status as it existed between 1953-1961.




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