British Southern Cameroon Genocide: Governor Kills More than 1200 in 90 days.

Sone Peter

The gory images of the body count continue to pile up. The destruction is cruel and massive. It is a genocide where global acceptable norms of conflicts are ignored with impunity. And there is no incentive for the perpetrators of these Atrocity Crimes to halt if the western owners of British Cameroon’s oil and gas – UK and France, continue to robustly defend Africa’s most brutal dictator – 86-year-old Paul Biya of French-Cameroun, in power since 1982. The masterminds of this genocide are numerous, but those at the center and charged with vigorously implementing the plan are the French-speaking appointed governors to the English-speaking regions of Cameroon (British Southern Cameroon or Ambazonia). Since they and their “military” are on a  “colonial” agenda, they are void of any humanity to the English-speaking people. They variously call them dogs, cockroaches, terrorists; appellations that equate them to filth, thus the ability to deny them life in a blink.

Due to the brutality in the regions, some English-speaking people now refer to them as the French Cameroun Hutu Militias – a comparison to the Hutu militias that masterminded the 1994 genocide in Rwanda.  On why they are called militias instead of the military, Tabot, a homeless victim in the town of Muyuka, emphasizes that they are not fit to be called a military. No military he says burns people, houses and hospitals. “No military rapes and destroys food and livelihoods of innocent people like what these French Cameroun Hutu Militias are doing to us anglophones”. The angry Tabot said.

Tabot’s depictions are exactly what the French Cameroun appointed Governor to the North West of British Cameroon, Lele Afrique has been executing. Estimates put the number so far killed by him to more than 5800. Since our last investigation that indicates that he sniffed life out of almost 3000 people in less than seven months, the governor is on track to shatter killing records by any recognizable government authority in any conflict in the 21st century. He and his counterpart in the southern zone of British Cameroon (Ambazonia) – Okalia Bilai, must be stopped by the good people of the world. It is estimated that these two governors have so far killed about 9800 innocent English Cameroonians in what the U.S Ambassador to Cameroon, Mr. Henry Balerin, calls “Targeted Killings”.

The Troika Genociders in British Cameroon (Ambazonia)

Our robust investigation indicates that for the past 90 days (January- March 2019), Mr. Lele Afrique has presided over the killing of more than 1300 innocent people in the North West region of British Cameroon (Ambazonia), with more than 4000 houses torched. This report is corroborated by the Catholic Church of Kumbo; one of the affected communities in the region. In a 29 March 2019, release, the church authorities disclosed that at least 358 Civilians were Killed, and at Least 750 Houses Burnt in Kumbo town alone within seven months (September 2018 to March 2019). Kumbo it should be noted is just one of the towns in the Bui County of the area. Other affected communities include Noni, Oku, Mbiame, Jakiri etc where Lele Afrique’s Hutu Militias have left massive destruction of life, property and basic food stuff.

Some Personal Stories

From every nook and cranny of the region, Lele Afrique and the French-Cameroun Hutu Militia’s cruelty is beyond the pale of hitherto genocidal boundaries. Ngamsha Gilbert, was a nurse from Oku who bikes the 25km journey daily to Kumbo, for work. This journey ended on the 29th of January 2019, when Lele Afrique’s Hutu Militias shot him point blank. His fresh, clean and lifeless body was not enough for the militias. A bomb was lazed in his body as the soldiers covered their ears for an explosion that shattered Gilbert’s body into chunks. In Wum, Buh Stanley, a local mechanic and other innocent civilians earlier arrested with trump up charges became the masquerade at the town’s square. This time not to revel the people’s revered “nkoh” dance, but to replicate Paul Biya’s public firing exercise following the 1984 coup that failed to topple him. With his hands tied behind him, the trigger-happy French-Cameroun Hutu militias then unloaded their bullets unto the innocent mechanic, after first torturing his mother to near death. From the Wum square, the militias, then advanced into surrounding villages, burning homes with their occupants. More than 16 people were burnt alive in their homes. On February 16, 2019, a sixteen-year-old in the locality of Ndu, was yoked behind a military truck after serious torture. His head was found on his laps where he was dumped for the family pain. In Mbatu in the suburbs of Bamenda on March 2, 2019, after setting the entire market on fire, Lele Afrique’s French Cameroun Hutu militias then emptied their magazines on three innocent shop owners. Remote explosives were then hidden in their bodies. Family members who came to pick up the remains sustained life-threatening wounds from the accompanying explosion. In Big Babanki, two innocent 13-year-old boys returning from the farm were killed with fire sprays by Lele Afrique’s boys. Living in the anglophone regions has become a miracle as everyone is a target, even when in your own bedroom. A local tradipractioner in the village of Sabga, saw Lele Afrique’s Hutu Militias ending his life and that of his wife on their matrimonial bed on March 24, 2019. In various communities in the area today women could be seen interring abandoned corpses of the French Cameroun Hutu militia killings.

health personnel

While a section of the governor’s militias target locals and their properties, another hit squad is bent on depriving other civilians who might have a chance of survival by targeting health facilities and personnel. Fomonyuy Ornella, a pregnant 19-year-old nurse from Kumbo, is now part of the statistics of killed health personnel. Her January 18, 2019, gruesome killing and that of her unborn baby failed to deter the sanguinary Governor Lele Afrique. Prior to Mbuh Priscilia and her colleague’s massacre at the  Mbingo Baptist Hospital on April 1, 2019, she and her colleagues were in emergency mode two weeks prior assisting the same French Cameroun Hutu militias, said to have been attacked by the rag-tag Ambazonia guerillas operating in the municipality. Little did she know that her life shall be sniffed out by those they worked professionally to save. Priscilia and three of her colleagues were mangled by Lele Afrique’s marauding Militias, who attacked the hospital under Lele Afrique’s instructions.

These atrocities are not happenstances. The killings are part of a well-planned policy of annihilating the minority English-speaking people of the former British Cameroons. Whatever variable organizations like Amnesty International, Human Rights Watch and others use to ascertain casualty figures in conflicts around the world, the ongoing genocide in British Cameroon (Ambazonia) is putting their credibility on the line. This genocide needs to be stopped now. A robust and independent investigation is needed to stop it and bring the perpetrators to account soonest than later. Below are some of the images of the Atrocity Crimes committed by Lele Afrique in the past 90 days in the North West of British Cameroon (Ambazonia).



5 thoughts on “British Southern Cameroon Genocide: Governor Kills More than 1200 in 90 days.

    1. Thanks and keep it up. Our people are dying and being continuously deprived of their rights as humans and the world sits out there and are looking on. Giving a dieing dictator the Liberty to kill.


  1. Unfortunately Britain is happy with this. The Irish have a right to a referendum why are ambazonians denied this right when a court in Cameroon had ruled in the 80s for ambazonians to go their way since La republic forcefully seceded from the federal union. Sorry. Our lives too matter


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