Opinion: Is Hon. Wirba, a Frog in a Flashlight?

Che Ambe

In life there are opportunists who seize the moment to their advantage, and some who never realize the fruits of their efforts, no matter how long and hard they try. The Anglophone struggle is as old as the 1972 referendum, and like a volcano, there have been rumblings until now that there is a full eruption. Others have dedicated their lives to the struggle (names intentionally withheld), and suddenly one of the oppressed rises up to grab the headlines with a daring speech, never heard of before in that setting. While I applaud his machismo, the question now is where does he go from here, and how long should he enjoy this instant fame? I equally laud his gallantry to align with his constituents rather than his party. The SDF platform calls for a ten-state federation, while the Anglophones are asking for outright independence (evidence by a recent  online poll by The Guardian Post)

Hon. Wirba Joseph. SDF Parliamentarian for Jakiri.

Hon. Wirba’s move no doubt emitted an instant jolt on the Anglophone cause, with constituents in Buea, Bamenda and Kumba, asking the whereabouts of their own leaders/ representatives in the face of brutal arrests, raping, maiming and killings of some of them. Echoing the sentiments of the people is one thing and actually “walking the walk” with them to realize those needs is another thing. Hon. Wirba, what is the plan to cut the shackles off your enslaved West Cameroonians? Don’t get me wrong, I do not question your “anglophoneness”, but the West Cameroonian people are hurting, and the anguish wouldn’t just disappear with another fiery speech (by anybody).

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